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Long-term service agreements for marine and energy applications

MAN PrimeServ’s long-term service agreements (LTSA) are effective tools in controlling maintenance spending while boosting the profitability of applications in marine shipping and power generation.
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Long-term solutions for even the most unique project needs

As your LTSA partner, we take on an active role in coordinating resources to support the logistics planning and maintenance of of engines, GenSets, propulsion systems, and turbochargers. Service agreements are available for equipment by MAN Energy Solutions and a range of legacy brands.

Long-term service agreements by MAN PrimeServ are peace-of-mind solutions. From securing your supply of parts to meeting uptime targets, they protect the availability, safety, and efficiency of your assets. We tailor service agreements to help you optimize the operational cost and budget reliability of preventive and conditioned-based maintenance. Tap the expertise of world-class engine designers, the latest in operational know-how, and expert insights for root cause analysis.

How you benefit

  • Financial savings and mitigation of business risks
  • Easy and effective communication with a single point of contact for all services
  • Broad portfolio including initial surveys, quarterly performance analyses, OPEX analysis
  • Scopes of any scale and at all levels of complexity
  • Flexible payment structures as well as volume and duration discounts

Global partner

A single point of contact

Your assigned account manager streamlines costs, 
processes, and communication

Quality you can trust

Our network of 100 worldwide service centers is 
MAN owned and ISO certified

Ease of business

Smooth processes

We plan and coordinate all maintenance jobs 
within the global MAN PrimeServ network

Easy budgeting

Fixed prices for maintenance kits, and services

Technical competence

You are our priority

Enjoy prioritized access to troubleshooting, technical support and updates

Take the stress out of overhauls, maintenance, and operations

At the core of MAN PrimeServ’s long-term service agreements (LTSA) stand two standard scopes for spare parts and field services. Extended service options comprise two add-on packages covering condition assessment and uptime optimization. A full range of additional solutions can complement your long-term-service agreement to tailor the scope to the specific needs of your operation.

Spare parts

ltsa_standard_scope_mediatext100% availability of spare parts for planned overhauls

The Spare Parts Agreement (SPA) covers the supply of latest-design spare parts for your scheduled maintenance over a set period. Eliminating the time-consuming back and forth of case-by-case orders, a SPA guarantees parts are available when and where you need them. A designated contract manager handles scheduling, logistics, and on-time delivery of parts.

How you benefit

  • A dedicated contact for all your accounts
  • Streamlined spare part management
  • Delegated responsibility for on-time delivery of spares



Add technical support and performance analysis to minimize downtime

The Standard Maintenance Agreement (SMA) adds two essential service options to the spare-part management covered by the SPA – field services for planned maintenance and monthly performance analyses. We set and analyze key performance indicators (KPI) to evaluate the on-time start and duration of scheduled maintenance events against minimized-downtime targets. With the performance reports included, you leverage our technical expertise in optimizing the performance, uptime, and fuel efficiency of your marine engines and systems. 

An SMA adds these benefits to your SPA

  • KPIs with targets to incentivize guaranteed downtimes
  • Delegated responsibility for the logistics and on-time delivery of services and spare parts
  • A designated contract manager handles maintenance scheduling and logistics
  • Monthly meetings at the management level for reporting and maintenance planning

Optimize uptime

full_ltsa_service_optionsMaximum equipment uptime as a service

Uptime Optimization is another upgrade option for our long-term service agreement, SPA, or SMA. It is geared towards reducing downtime from both planned maintenance and unplanned events. The package includes guaranteed mobilization response times and remote troubleshooting to cut downtime from unplanned events. Pit-stop-style overhauls make strategic use of the resources MAN PrimeServ to keep planned maintenance fast and efficient.

How you benefit

  • Reduced downtime for planned maintenance
  • Discount options for strategic spares packages and swing sets
  • Optional access to a full maintenance crew from MAN PrimeServ
  • Remote troubleshooting support
  • Guaranteed response time in case of emergencies

Assess condition

full_ltsa_service_optionsGet decision-making support for predictive maintenance

With Condition Assessment, you upgrade your long-term service agreement, SPA or SMA, to include both diagnostic tools and services. This service package provides a comprehensive insight into the operating conditions of the engines and alerts you to relevant trends as they emerge. As part of this package, MAN technical specialists remotely monitor and analyze critical parameters of your engine system and offer fast and effective remote troubleshooting support. At regular intervals, the PrimeServ Lab analyzes the quality of your operating media, from fuel to lubricating oil to cooling water.

How you benefit

  • Faster troubleshooting and fault elimination
  • Data reporting and analysis results at regular intervals
  • On-site inspection option to enhance remote monitoring

Turbochargers and exhaust gas systems

LTSA-turbocharger-table2Long-term service agreements are essential customer tools

With more than 1,800 turbochargers managed with Long Term Service Agreements, we prove that our tailor-made maintenance concepts are essential customer tools to ensure a comfortable, trouble-free and, smooth handling of your turbocharger fleet.

Choose your service module
Whether you are looking for a spare part agreement (Primary), a service agreement (Proactive), or an all-inclusive service agreement (Preventive) we have the perfect fit for you. Our exhaust gas treatment solutions such as ETB and SCR as well as our club concepts all complement our wide-ranged service portfolio.

Get in contact 

O&MA for power plants

O&MA agreements with four levels of commitment and customizable scopes


teaser-energy-storage-gibraltar-power-plantAs part of an Advisory Services agreement with MAN PrimeServ, our operation and maintenance specialists provide guidance to you during the mobilization and operation of your power plant.

The next level, Management Support, embeds MAN PrimeServ staff in key management positions in your organization to manage the execution of activities in administration, operation, and maintenance. The scope can include the provision of a mobilization manager.

At the third commitment level, a Full Maintenance & Operations Support agreement, MAN PrimeServ experts remain on-site to handle the complete maintenance of facility equipment on your behalf. If you request operational support, we will provide insights as decision-making support for the management in optimizing overall plant performance.

Full Maintenance & Operations is the most comprehensive solution in our O&MA portfolio. It has MAN PrimeServ manage, operate, and maintain the complete facility on your behalf.

MAN PrimeServ service centers across the world supply spare parts, services, and training to customers worldwide
we offer worldwide round-the-clock service 365 days a year for all MAN Energy Solutions products
employees at MAN PrimeServ serve customers around the globe

LTSA add-ons support more specific business targets

A portfolio of full-fledged stand-alone MAN PrimeServ solutions can effectively complement your long-term service agreement. Include them in a service agreement or order them separately.

PrimeServ Lab - analyzes engine fluids to help you manage and control fluid quality to boost performance. 

PrimeServ Clean - designed for use in dip tanks and turbochargers compressors.

PrimeServ Gran - is made from 100% natural products, making it an eco-friendly cleaning solution for your exhaust gas turbocharger turbine.

PrimeServ Protect - is a highly effective eco-friendly and silicone-free solution. It protects metal against corrosion, extending engine life and cutting downtime.

MAN Fluid Monitor for lube oil

Detect engine anomalies early with this ongoing-measurement solution. It offers a real-time look at engine health and gathers data for condition monitoring.

Explore MAN Fluid Monitor

PrimeServ Assist supports

A crucial step in your digital journey, this intelligent solution for remote monitoring and asset management speeds up troubleshooting and elimination.

Explore PrimeServ Assist

Performance Assessment Audit

We evaluate your facility and benchmarks its performance to craft an actionable optimization plan for returning the plant to a target level of sustainable production.

Computerized Maintenance Management System for power plants

This comprehensive solution organizes all maintenance-related data and processes to optimize and simplify purchasing, budgeting, and financial planning.

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Say goodbye to the uncertainties in your maintenance budget

At MAN PrimeServ, we ensure around-the-clock access to the parts and services you need for maximum availability of your marine engines and systems.

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