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Are you looking for a trouble-free turbocharger operation without compromising on quality?

Engines designed by MAN Energy Solutions have been equipped with MET turbochargers for more than four decades. As an original equipment manufacturer for our own produced turbochargers, we know how important it is to maintain the highest quality standards in order to deliver the best overall lifetime performance. With this core value in mind, PrimeServ maintains the same standard for the Mitsubishi turbocharger series. All spare parts installed on your turbocharger are from the original equipment manufacturer and service is performed by our experienced certified service engineers.

PrimeServ has gained over 15 years of experience in providing service, maintenance, repair and original spare parts by being an Authorized Repair Agent for MET Turbochargers. Our network currently consists of seven authorized service centers, with additional locations expecting to open in the near future.

MET Product
Turbocharger service

Our services include:

  • Maintenance and repair of all MET axial and radial turbochargers
  • Pre-drydock inspections of MET axial turbochargers
  • Global supply of original spare part kits and replacement parts with short delivery times
  • Exchange-based service solutions
  • Integration of MET services into existing MAN service agreements
  • Management of consignment stock

Your benefits include:

  • A global one-stop shop service and spare part supply for your MAN and MET turbochargers
  • OEM-level service supplier with centuries of experience in turbocharger service and repairs
  • 7 MET Authorized workshops and certified service engineers
  • 24/7 flexible service and support
  • Six months PrimeServ warranty
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Download the latest MET service letter

According to the manufacturer's experience, aged deterioration of wear parts that have been exposed to exhaust gases (also called hot-parts) is frequently observed after around 10 years in operation. In the service letter below we offer in-depth information regarding the inspection of turbocharger hot-parts.

Download service letter


Avoid dry-dock delays and unbudgeted costs with our MET pre-inspection service

MET axial turbochargers are usually operated in such a way that major overhaul services are carried out during the vessel’s dry-docking period. Unfortunately, unexpected damages on wear parts exposed to exhaust gases (e.g. turbine blades, nozzle, gas outlet guide) are often discovered during the overhaul.

As these spare parts are not included in the major overhaul kit (C1 and C2), this may lead to unbudgeted costs as well as delays in dry-dock. To avoid such unexpected findings and possible delays, we recommend a pre-inspection of the turbocharger turbine side 4-3 months ahead of the scheduled dry-docking or the major overhaul.

As an authorized repair agent for MET turbochargers, PrimeServ offers pre-drydock inspections of your MET turbocharger. As an alternative, we also provide our customers with an inspection report which can be completed by the crew. Free of charge and without obligation, PrimeServ will evaluate the returned report and confirm the condition accordingly.

Download the form, fill out the necessary information, and return it to for evaluation.
MET-Authorized service centers
worldwide round-the-clock service
years of experience with MET turbochargers

Contact your nearest MET Authorized Repair Agent


As an OEM with centuries of experience in turbocharger service and repairs on our own MAN turbochargers, the majority of our global service locations can provide maintenance and repairs for your MET equipment. To find the nearest MAN PrimeServ service center, please visit the location finder.

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