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The world is changing. And so are we.

These are challenging times to navigate. Increasingly individualized demands call for flexible solutions. Future-proofing becomes a growing everyday task. And this while a globalized environment changes faster every day. But we love the challenge. And together with our customers we strive for new shores in a digital age. We believe that our technology will help our customers to stay competitive, fast and safe while reaching their destinations and meeting additional challenges related to cost pressure, increased competition and also tightening regulations.


We believe in the potential of Digital in maritime shipping and are happy to be innovators and reliable enablers of digitalization

Casper Schrøder, Head of Components and Solutions, MAN Energy Solutions Copenhagen

Sea ahead. Join our digital journey

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new devices connect to the Internet every second around the globe, according to McKinsey estimates.
connected devices will be in use by 2025.

Our digital solutions – present and future – are modular and can be customized to every specific need. From enhancing cybersecurity to optimizing operation, from significantly reducing fuel consumption to ensuring regulatory compliance.

Our yearlong industry experience combined with the latest digital technology makes us the perfect partner for our clients’ transformation.

The industry is digitalizing. Don’t miss the boat. We help you to see ahead and stay ahead of the game and leverage the potential of Digital for your business. For more predictability and peace of mind.To the questions raised by a globalized world, MAN Energy Solutions already has various digital answers in place, while others are still in the works. All with the goal to raise efficiency, availability, security, safety and also have a positive impact on the environment.
  • PrimeServ Assist Marine

    Operational intelligence is everything

    It’s competitive out there. Your profitability and customer satisfaction are always on the line. To stay ahead of the game, you and your equipment need to execute flawlessly.

    Using the latest digital technologies, we’ll help you maximize your equipment availability, safety and performance.

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  • Why digital experts love industry

    Making digitalization work

    Ever wondered what it takes to design user experiences? Ever thought about predicting the future (based on data-driven mathematical models, of course)? There is an overwhelming wealth of interesting career options for digital experts – and industry is just one of the exciting areas where they can make a real impact.

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  • Digitalization

    Welcome to PrimeServ Assist Marine

    Whether you operate a vessel, fleet, or plant, the success of your business rests upon the hardware that supports it. To stay competitive, now and in the future, it is crucial that your MAN equipment and systems perform flawlessly, with no unexpected downtime or maintenance costs, so you can focus on your core business.

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  • Multifunction Monitoring System

    Older engines and gensets can also learn new tricks

    Our Multifunctional Monitoring System gives you real-time insight in the parameters that matter most - so you can find and fix little problems before they become big ones, mitigate critical risks, and maximize the uptime and lifetime of your engine.

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Exciting things are coming. Stay tuned.

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