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LPG stands for liquefied petrolium gas. It is extracted from natural gas by absorption and, unlike diesel, can be stored almost infinitely without any degradation. Known to the wide public and commonly used as a domestic gas for cooking and also heating, it’s largest proportion is used for commercial and industrial applications.

Main advantages:

  • LPG can contain close to zero sulfur and meets the requirements for Sulfur Emission Control Areas, while CO2 and particulate matter emissions are lowered significantly at the same time
  • Relatively easy to store
  • Existing two-stroke engine technology available
  • High energy density

Focus areas: 

  • Availability of LPG as bunker fuel
  • Utilization of cargo as a fuel on-board LPG tankers
  • More than 50% of new-build very large gas carriers use MAN B&W dual-fuel engines today
  • First retrofits to LPG successfully completed by MAN PrimeServ
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  • Products / solutions: MAN B&W ME-LGIP
  • Ship applications / vessel type: Ideal for LPG carriers and shuttle tankers
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LPG as a bunker fuel

Our proven MAN B&W ME-LGIP engine uses dual-fuel engine technology that lets you take advantage of fluctuating fuel prices. By using LPG cargo as a fuel source allows for significant cost savings for the owners or charterers which also includes reduced time and fees for the bunkering. As additional benefit, LPG is easy to store and handle compared to cryogenic gasses. 

Listen to our customer BW LPG’s statement regarding LPG as a bunker fuel.

Use of LPG for other ship types than LPG carriers

There are many good reasons to use LPG as a marine fuel for other ship types than LPG carriers.

LPG is a sulphur-free fuel type which makes compliance to emissions regulations easy by nature. It is widely available and also offers benefits with regards to lower fuel prices and reduced CO2 emissions.

Watch our customer BW LPG to find out more about this.

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LPG as marine fuel and MAN as primemover for LPG two-stroke engines

The use of LPG are a marine fuel offers many advantages. The MAN B&W ME-LGIP engines allows operational security and flexibility to switch between conventional fuels and LPG according to your needs and current market conditions.

Tune in and watch our customer BW LPG share their experience with MAN as primemovers for LPG two-stroke engines and also highlight the benefits of this fuel type.

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