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Synthetic natural gas (SNG) can be derived from fossil fuels and biomass via gasification and methanation processes. SNG can also be produced by, for example, renewable or surplus energy in power-to-gas systems. Biogases are produced from biomass and waste products – and the resulting liquefied fuels can be referred to as BioLNG or LBG (liquefied biogas) and sometimes LBM (liquefied biomethane).

Main advantages:

  • SNG and Biogas have the same low NOx, SOx and particulate matter emissions as LNG, but they can be CO2 neutral depending on the feedstock and conversion energy source
  • Depending on the source fuel, SNG and Biogas can be a carbon-neutral substitute for fossil fuels
  • SNG and Biogas can be blended with LNG to gradually reduce the CO2 footprint
  • Considered to be excellent bridging fuels during the ongoing energy transition

Focus areas: 

  • The availability of SNG and Biogas as bunker fuel
  • Increase of production capacities
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Solutions / technologies by MAN Energy Solutions : 



  • Products: Two-stroke dual fuel engines: MAN B&W ME-GI, MAN B&W ME-GA
  • Ship applications: Container vessels, Tankers, LNG carriers, Bulk carriers, RoRo vessels 
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  • Products: Four-stroke dual fuel engines: MAN 51/60DF, 35/44DF, 28/32DF, 23/30DF (propulsion, diesel-electric and GenSet applications)
  • Solutions: MAN Cryo fuel gas supply systems (FGSS), exhaust gas after-treatment systems
  • Ship applications: Container vessels, Tankers, LNG carriers, Bulk carriers, OSVs, Ferries, RoRo, Cruise and Fishing vessels
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