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Synthetic diesel

Synthetic diesel is made by reconfiguring another hydrocarbon fuel, such as natural gas, into liquid diesel fuel. Synthesizing diesel fuel from natural gas is possible through gas-to-liquid (GTL) technology and such synthetic fuels are often called GTL diesel or FTD (Fischer-Tropsch diesel) from the Fischer-Tropsch chemical conversion process.

Main advantages:

  • Cleaner-burning than crude-oil-based diesel fuels
  • Reduced NOx and SOx emission levels
  • Easy handling, transportation, and storage with current systems

Focus areas: 

  • Price level
  • Availability as large-scale bunker fuel
synthetic diesel
Solutions / technologies by MAN Energy Solutions:  
  • Products: MC, ME-B, ME-C including all dual-fuel engines
  • Ship applications: Tankers, container vessels, bulk carriers, RoRo vessels

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  • Products: Four-stroke single fuel and dual fuel engines (propulsion, diesel-electric and GenSet applications)
  • Solutions: Exhaust gas after-treatment systems
  • Ship applications: Ferries, yachts, tugboats and fishing vessels
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Other future fuels

  •  E-fuels

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